ICYMI: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Rick Saccone

March, 11, 2018

In case you missed it, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed Rick Saccone for the Tuesday March 13th special election.

“Voters in the 18th Congressional District will go the polls Tuesday in a special election to replace Tim Murphy...

“The Post-Gazette endorses state Rep. Rick Saccone.

“While his opponent, Conor Lamb, of Mt. Lebanon, is an impressive young man and has run an energetic campaign, Mr. Saccone, who lives in the Elizabeth Township house he grew up in, has a wealth of experience and an intimate knowledge of much of the district, because he has represented a part of it in the Legislature. He is a good fit for the district and would be an effective representative for it from his first day on the job.

“Should he prevail, Mr. Saccone would be wise to embrace a similar course, pursuing bread-and-butter issues and putting the needs of the small towns in his district, many of which have suffered benign neglect for decades, and workaday Americans, first.

“Taking in southern Allegheny County and spreading into Washington, Greene and Westmoreland counties, the district has more than its share of old coal and steel towns needing attention from Washington. Economic development, workforce training and infrastructure improvements, including upgrades to locks and dams, must be among Mr. Saccone’s top priorities.

“A former Air Force counterintelligence officer who later worked in North Korea and studied the Middle East in Egypt, Mr. Saccone would bring a valuable resume to Congress. He is also a college professor and a four-term state legislator. Given his time of life, he is 60, and varied background, he is equipped to be a strong and independent voice for the 18th.

“Mr. Lamb, who was an officer in the Marines and a federal prosecutor, styles himself a moderate Democrat who supports gun rights and personally opposes abortion. He’s also attempted to distance himself from ultra-liberal Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and says he would not vote for her to lead his party. But who would be vote for? An abstention will not win him independence from the Democratic Caucus, which would be hard to maintain as an inexperienced freshman in any case.

“The Post-Gazette recommends Rick Saccone.”

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