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Rick Saccone ends the week with St. Patrick's Day and starts another with petitions.

With thousands of signatures from voters across the newly established Pennsylvania Congressional District 14, the Saccone Campaign has a new district and a fresh start, but one thing remains the same.

"I love campaigning in southwest Pennsylvania," says Saccone. "Meeting the voters and learning what their priorities are is a misunderstood component of this process. We need to get to know each other; we need to ensure we identify our needs and create solutions. This is more than token handshakes. I am here working with you."

Representatives from the campaign are unrolling new efforts in the district which comprises Washington, Fayette, Greene and part of Westmoreland counties. While the district is newly established, the area is not new to Saccone who is well known in all four counties, having spent significant time there and receiving substantial votes from the area. "I am humbled by the commitment of so many in the area and thankful for all of their work," Saccone says referencing the still-unfinalized election of the 18th District. "They have never stopped - the volunteers, county committees - no matter the distraction, they have remained committed and steadfast, just as I remain committed to strengthening the relationships I have in the district."

Dr. Rick Saccone is a Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is running in the Republican primary for the newly Supreme Court-drawn 14th Congressional District. A military veteran, counter-terrorism expert, an author and college professor, Rick and Yong, his wife of 38 years reside in Elizabeth, PA. The Saccones are proud parents of two sons, both engineers and officers in the U.S. Air Force.

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